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Sunday Services

Every Sunday at 7am and 9am we gather for worship which draws on the richness of our Anglican heritage, and with a mix of traditional and modern songs. 

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Here at Holy Spirit Algester we connect people with one another and to God. We have a variety of groups and activities that provide social support and create a thriving community.

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Here at Holy Spirit Algester we are devoted to helping members grow in faith and understanding. By encouraging one another to participate in bible study, discipleship, and other activities that aid in deepening one's faith.

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Our History: Holy Spirit Algester has been an active local church for over 40 years. 

From a small group of people gathering for worship in the library at the Algester School in 1977 the Anglican community has grown. As early as 1978 there was a vision to have a church building as the focal hub for the worshipping community; a fairly large parcel suitable land was purchased and the community got its name. “Church of the Holy Spirit” was apt as many of the early parishioners were empowered in a manner similar to that at the first Pentecost. A service was conducted on the land on 21st

October. Not long after the first service the first Baptism was conducted

on 4th November. In 1980 St. Albans Church at Acacia Ridge was

decommissioned and moved to Algester where it still serves as a

parish hall.


The church building, which was modelled after the Chapel of St. Francis, St. Clare and the Blessed Virgin Mary at the then Brookfield Friary, had its foundation stone laid by Archbishop Sir John Grindrod on July 4th, 1981 and he was back to dedicate it on the 18th of October. The first service was held in the building on August 9th. The unique reredos or tapestry that still hangs in the church was installed ready for the dedication. The building was fully paid for and able to be consecrated on 29th May 1993.

In 1990 the disused and decommissioned OPD (Other Protestant Denominations) Army Chapel at Wacol was transported in three sections to its present location Green Rd, Park Ridge as Church of the Good Shepherd in. In 1995 Browns Plains/Park Ridge became its own parish.

Over the years the Church has recreated itself many times and continues with God’s mission. The church, as handed to us from those who have gone before, continually looks forward to carry on the mission envisioned by faithful people many years ago.

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